halloween mix of not-so-halloween music!

Friday, October 23, 2009 by Chris

mike 2600 and king otto of burlesque design outta the twin cities, put together this, their third annual halloween mix of old school tunes. like, really old school. listening to this is actually my idea of a great way to spend haloween even if there's actually not anything exceptionally halloween related on here.

mike the 2600 king & king otto: monster mash 2009

these are the same design dudes behind the do it to it eps i've gone on and on about in the past. remember them? no?

also, these are the dudes behind the wigged out covers of patton oswalt's super limited (500!) feelin kinda patton vinyl. pick up a slick as hell screenprint of the unfolded cover for 30 bucks plus shipping if that's your bag.

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