WFMU marathon day 6 (velvet painting edition)

Saturday, March 6, 2010 by Chris

what is it about painting on velvet that makes the subject so much more amazing? i have no idea! did you know that WFMU (or, more specifically, station manager ken) has a HUGE collection of velvet paintings? if you donate enough to the station, i'm sure they'll let you "adopt" the phil spector gets arraigned piece (along with a t-shirt, sticker, and three excellent dj premiums), which will no doubt make you much more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

and, just to up our google searchability, here's anthony bourdain's no reservations segment with chuck palahniuk where they head over to the portland, oregon's velveteria.

finally, here's some more music, this time from not bad meaning good, but bad meaning bad, a disc full of the most horrible raps from people who have no business rapping. this 2007 compilation was assembled for the show coffee break for heroes and villains, a now defunct show that was dedicated to playing hip-hop from only unsigned artists and currently lives on in a more bite size amount via one of the numerous podcasts offered by WFMU.

strawberry shortcake: strawberry rap

mister t: no dope no drugs

rodney dangerfield: rappin' rodney

dee dee ramone: funky man

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