WFMU marathon day 5 (FZ edition)

Friday, March 5, 2010 by Chris

there seems to be three eras of frank zappa: early awesome zappa, mid period kinda annoying but still pretty awesome zappa, and late period stately and erudite (still totally awesome) zappa. it's pretty excellent to see this slightly surreal little clip from the late period zappa on the financial news network (this is the same guy who gave us dina-moe-humm after all). a playlist of the other clips from this show is right over HERE.

to tie this all back to WFMU, i found out about this from their stupidly awesome beware of the blog, which was the first piece of the puzzle for me getting turned on to the radio station.

here's a weird little oddity from terre t's mini marathon idiot box premium from this past fall. i never thought i'd get to hear a mono version of some early grunged up zappa, but here we are:

mothers of invention: trouble everyday (super rare MONO version)(1966)

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