malice in wonderland

Monday, March 15, 2010 by Chris

instead of watching the new tim burton alice in wonderland, i'm just going to watch this 17 times in a row and call it day.

i love how old school animation implies that someone put in a TON of work to make the weird crap that most people would just stop at talking about making if it even gets that far down the conceptual chain of events.
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the Editor said...

Thanks, Chris, I needed another reason to sleep with the light on.

Do you ever wonder how on earth, when back in the day cartoons were mostly done by hand, stuff like this got funding? Not to say I'm not glad they did, just, it's kind of amazing. But everyone was on mushrooms or coke, so I guess it wasn't all that hard.

Chris said...

i just kind of assume it was all some sort of henry darger level of compulsion going on with the old school animation guys being crazy loners.