the decade: movies, pt 2

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 by Chris
as promised, here's movies of the decade list part deux. the secondest installment. the revenge, if you will.


like 25th hour, which coincidentally started off yesterdays list, kiss kiss bang bang was something i watched recently after seeing it on a couple of other decade spanning lists, but don't let the newness of my discovering it water down my passion for the film. this was one of the proving ground films where robert downey junior had to show he still had what it took to carry a movie, and he comes out swinging for the fences, as does perpetual oddball val kilmer. if you haven't seen this before, i really recommend you check it out.




don't get me wrong, i like no country as much as the next guy, but this just comes down to personal preference. absolutely perfect b&w noir made by two of the best filmmakers out there. also: scarlett johansson.


what feels like a dreamlike documentary at first, quickly reveals itself to be a masterful work of truly magical fiction. this is a perfectly strange little fantasy world version of winnipeg that manages to feel terrifically genuine in all the right ways.


a tremendous film here, full of twists and turns that keep you guessing throughout. that yellow hammer scene is unforgettable. if you've seen it you know exactly what's to love about it, and if you haven't then i'm revealing an oldboy sized void in your life that demands to be filled.


as if you would have guessed it, a "hard r" rated fairy tale but with a child protagonist set in the brutally real world of 1944 fascist spain is such a great playground for del toro's perfectly suited and genuinely amazing visuals.


though this was the offbeat indie that introduced the world to "dramatic" adam sandler, i can forgive it for leading to all the terds that have come out between this and funny people. like i said above with the coens, this is just a personal preference and arguably there will be blood was indeed a better capital F film, but really it all comes down to flat-out liking this movie so much more than twbb.


every time i watch this movie i get closer and closer to tearing up at the end. my chest gets heavier and heavier and i always think "this is gonna be the time..." but i never quite cross that line. wes anderson has been one of my favorite directors since i laid eyes on rushmore, and even though that film's title references a mountain, tenenbaums is so far his peak (ba-zing!).


when you get a group of talented people together who are obviously passionate about what they are doing, the results are going to be incredible. you can feel the absolute balls out LOVE of rock n roll and the desire to pass that torch on to this current molly coddled (myself included) generation in every frame of film of this movie. each time i watched this thing in the theater i ended up walking around punching the air for about a half hour.


this is eternal sunshine taken to the next level. this is charlie kaufman without michel gondry's whimsy to temper him. this is a horror movie where the antagonist is the fact that we all die alone. g'head and disagree (tons of people do), but for my money, this is the best film of the past ten years.


i'm breaking my one director rule for this film, but this and school of rock simply had to be on here. it's something of a shame that kids are gonna go see this film in the future and say "is this a movie or an insurance commercial?" but whatever. like eternal sunshine and synechdoche, ny, this film created a complete environment to roam around in that was perfectly supportive to the narrative.


pixar's masterpeice. period.


[[sound of a flower pot breaking]]

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