cremasters of the unverse!

Monday, January 25, 2010 by Chris

i'm by no means a cremaster nut or anything (terrible website, guys), but i'm definitely interested in seeing the whole artsy fart nutbar thing from beginning to end. sadly, i wasn't able to make it to new york or wherever to see it installed at the guggenheim and according to wikipedia, "the full series was released in a limited series of 20 sets of dvds, sold each for at least $100,000, and will not be made available on mass-market dvd. however a 30-minute part of the third film is available on dvd."

wait, what? sure, there's a huge fucking book i can buy, but as fas as being able to actually watch the whole thing, i'm shit out of luck other than 30 minutes of the part in the middle?

no real clue why i'm getting bent out of shape about this... guess i'll have to find a torrent of the thing or whatever.

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