hardcore humpday

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 by Chris

if there could be a muhammad ali of the hardcore world, it'd be bad brains. head and shoulders above everyone else in the scene.

one of the first things i did once i realized i had four jobs was to start spending some money as if i had a lot of it to throw around. one of the first stops was the roir site to score some sweet bad brains stuff. they're still selling the first album on cassette? how about that there exists in our world bad brains flip flops? vans is making bad brains kicks, and you can pay to have "pay to cum" as your ringtone.

if the bad brains reputation stays even remotely true, then they've immaculately fucked this up somehow, but i really hope not. regardless, here's a track from the oft overlooked second album, as well as the latter half of the above clip.

bad brains: how low can a punk get? (pvc records, 1983)
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