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Friday, July 17, 2009 by Zita
So it turns out Chris was right... She wasn't a red head... *pouts*

But anyways, I got a question regarding the origin of my vintage crap. Well to be honest, I've been squirreling it away for months... starting back when I was working overnight in the lab. So i don't really know where most of it came from... but I remember a couple of the blogs I was raiding.. they are all like.. crappy scans from crappy mags, but every once in a while there is a gem or two.
One of the better ones, (better being, they threw their scans into photoshop to at least fix the white balance) waaaass Vntage Girlie Mags

Another nice one is Retro Fap

Sooo yeah... hopefully that brings some satisfaction.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I've downloaded a lot of turn of the century porn pictures from various bittorrent sites. I'll check those links out too

H-Bot said...

Vintage shit wins 4evar. If you haven't heard of it before, I usually go to www.myarchives.net/gallery/ and go to the pre-1980's section. It's the biggest and most organized collection of vintage erotica and pinups I've ever run across.

Chris said...

I've been meaning to update some of the links over on the left side there so as to better reflect the origins of some of the pics since we do a pretty shitty job of identifying where this shit all comes from.

should be updated sometime later today or tomorrow or something like that.

Chris said...

also, the above pic is really hideous. i'm all for bed head the day after, but this is kinda way over the line. lady was much better looking when she was in grayscale.