Friday, July 17, 2009 by Chris

troma flicks, more often than not, end up falling way short of the potential promised by their trailers. having said that: fuck it. i really wanna see this movie.

"Only one person is powerful enough... darling enough... brave enough to stop them! She's tough... she's dangerous... she's wide-hipped and strong-willed... she's Leroy's Mama! And as long as she's alive - the SURF NAZIS MUST DIE! The courageous saga of a mother's undying devotion and quest for justice becomes a tidal wave of action and destruction!"

that last quote reminds that i wrote a paper about the toxic avenger as a metaphor for coming-of-age in american society (really. i did this.). i think i got a C- and at the time thought i was robbed. given the advantage of hindsight, i can now realise that it was a total waste of a topic since we all know that the toxic avenger is a slice of Greenpeace propaganda gone horribly awry.

apropos of nothing other than the topic of death, i present the two songs that bookend the first and only unicorns album who will cut our hair when we're gone. click the album title if you dig for to make the exchange of currency for goods.

The Unicorns: I Don't Wanna Die (Alien8, 2003)

The Unicorns: Ready to Die (Alien8, 2003)

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