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Saturday, July 4, 2009 by Chris
a few days ago i posted a pretty lame remix of a dirty projectors song (it never really goes anywhere), and it got me thinking about really great remixes i have bouncing around on my computer.

dntels this is the dream of evan and chan was the basically the first postal service track and stands alone really well.

the superpitcher remix is really great though and particularly recall playing it on repeat for the duration of an entire flight from charlotte to madison.

Dntel: This is the Dream of Evan and Chan (Superpitcher Remix)(Plug Research, 2002)

the new grizzly bear album's really great and is worth your hard earned money and my my those are some handsome gentlemen with angelic voices.

i dunno bout anyone else, but i keep hearing michael jacksons ghost floating around in the background of the fred falke remix trying to remind us that he wants to be starting something.

Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks (Fred Falke Extended Mix)(Warp, 2009)

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