WFMU marathon day 4

Thursday, March 4, 2010 by Chris

i'm a librarian by degree, so whenever i see people navigating hyper organized collections of absurd amounts of crap like the above video, my eyes roll back in my head and my leg starts shaking wildly as if i were a dog getting its belly scratched.

onward to the music! the tracks i've got below are two of my favorites i'm gonna kick out during the whole of the marathon. these are both from trent's sound and safe pop off pop premium last year, which i slept on originally, but snapped up last winter during a mini 24 hr marathon.

beyonce: single ladies (maximum fx silk blindz party room)

kanye west: love lockdown (maximum fx 8bit lotus siikness)

this year trent is dishing out a dvd with 730 awesome songs on it, as well as the glowstick seen below.

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