terry richardson

Friday, February 5, 2010 by Chris

this is something of a bummer for me. the thing i really liked about terry richardson was that he tended to eschew the usual stick-thin, boring-as-soap-models, and nowadays this is exactly what he's become known for, or at least what he gets press for.

anyone wanna take bets on how long before we see his name on the cover of sports illustrated's swimsuit issue?

i mean, i'd like to think he's got some of that weirdo action set up on the side, but there's no way to know till he drops another book of his wild n crazy exploits. until then, what else am i supposed to live vicariously through?

the good news is that dude's got a super sweet tumblr set up where he dumps whatever pictures he feels like into. it's pretty awesome.

if you can find a copy of terryworld, i advise you snatch it up. you can thank me for this suggestion later.

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