very venture christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 by Chris

somehow i missed out on all of this, and am only now making up on lost time. these were all posted over at quick stop entertainment over the past few years, so make sure to head over there and click on their ads so they make money through your almost entirely passive actions. if you're like me, you might even get tempted into picking up some crap you don't need from sideshow collectibles.

the monarch & dr. girlfriend: little drummer boy/peace on earth

the monarch & henchmen nos. 21 & 24: hard candy christmas

venture industries: venture aid 2006

the monarch & dr. girlfriend: fairytale of new york

henchmen 21 & 24: wonderful christmastime

and while i'm at it, THIS is news to me as well for some reason? fricking internet, you're my only true friend.
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