neutral milk hotel live

Friday, December 11, 2009 by Chris

i've been reading the great little 33 1/3 book about in the aeroplane over the sea, which reminded me that i was gonna post up all of these live videos that finally found their way to youtube about a decade after the fact.

in the 33 1/3 book lance bangs, who you may recall as the vegetarian who threw up in the jackass movie and the husband of sleater-kinney's corin tucker, says he filmed a ton of mid 90s neutral milk live shows when the whole elephant six collective was in athens, and all i could think was why the hell hasn't this been released on dvd yet?

i guess we'll have to make do with this collection of odds n ends for now till jeff mangum deigns to release some more music. it's hard for me to believe that he hasn't been compulsively putting stuff down on four tracks for the past decade, but only time will tell.

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