hail, santa christmas mix!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 by Chris

last year i took a bunch of time and made what i think was a really good left-field mix of christmas oddities and slightly twisted traditionals. this year though, i've got nothing. too much time spent working and not enough functional ac adapters for my computers what store my musics has left me unable to display my deep love of weird yuletide related music.

in lieu of a new collection of songs, here's the mix i made last year since a lot of you haven't heard it in at most a year, if ever. ENJOY!


i seem to remember there being a ton of problems with the zip file last year, so get at me with any problems, but it should be all sorted out and smooth as silk.

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Adam said...

Oh ye of little faith. I still have mine.

Heh, by the way, the word verification for my comment is flumst. I some reason I really like that.