echechoecho party!

Thursday, November 12, 2009 by Chris

edan. edan. edan. been waiting on a new album form this guy for a while now, and the one he's cobbled together/produced/performed on sounds like it's loaded with potential.

the lowdown from stones throw: "Edan was given access to the Traffic Ent. Group's back catalog of old school rap - labels like Magic Records, Chocolate Star, P&P among others - and asked to create something new out of it, whatever he wanted. What began as a simple mixtape, two years later turned into a 30-min record of dance, rap and punk, utilizing everything from turntables, tape echo, guitar, moog and maybe even kazoos."

as an added bonus, the first (only?) 1000 lps come with a unique hand made cover from edan himself (see above examples). head over to stones throw for the goods.

if you need any further convincing, head over to nickle and dime radio with $mall ¢hange, where edan played the whole thing. try before you buy i say. the timing is a bit off, so rewind a ways from where it's marked, or listen to the whole show from front to back cause it's awesome through and through, not just the edan bit.

don't forget, this is the guy who can lecture/mc about hip-hop history while cutting his own records! i advocate copping the lp 'fore they're all gone.

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David said...

Awesome, Beauty and the Beat still gets regular play on my ipod.

Chris said...

did you download his "sprain your tapedeck" ep i posted up a while back?

beauty and the beat is a masterpeice, but this is certainly as good if a bit more slept on.