z-trip and dj p use the force

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 by Chris

for the past couple of years i see a dj spinning between bands at the willy street fair, and he always seems to play this on (bootleg?) vinyl right when i'm walking past.

dj ztrip is that guy. dude was about three years ahead of the curve making album length proto-mashups live on two turntables back when everyone was still wondering what j. timberlake was gonna do after n*sync broke up. track down a copy of uneasy listening vol. 1 (will there be a vol. 2 anytime soon?) to see what i'm talking about. if you're lucky i'll let you get a whiff of my first pressing.

more amazingness from z-trip.

now if only we could get him to put out some more music.

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