roc raida rip

Monday, September 21, 2009 by Chris

i've been pretty much bored to death by the VAST majority of so-called turntablism, but one of the main standouts was always roc raida and the x-cutioners. raida was always technically precise, but never getting alienatingly into the nitty gritty of the zillions of different scratches a-la q-bert. the above clip has two of my favorite moments from the documentary scratch, which highlights roc raida pretty heavily.

apparently dude was in a car crash related thing a few weeks ago and then went through some sort of mixed martial arts spinal injury thing? so few details coming out right now, even a couple days after the fact.

tweaking the pitch, flipping from 33 to 45 and back, behind the back, under the leg... great showman and always on point.

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