apathy in the face of horror

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 by Chris

SALEM - DIRT from ACEPHALE on Vimeo.

i saw these guys open for excepter last weekend and they totally were the second highest highlight, with the first being the whit suit dude from excepter taking a well deserving heckler out via megaphone to the face right after their set. more on that later maybe.

the phrase that kept rolling through my head during salems set was "absolute apathy in the face of absolute horror." slowed down screwed and chopped sludgy beats with beach house-ish melodic drones set as the score to police chase footage and infrared missiles-taking-out-military-targets? played by three heroin-chic throwbacks, but in a good way? you start to maybe get the picture.

it's a shame i dropped all my cash on excepter vinyl, cause it looks like there's almost nothing left to spend money on via the internet.

hit up their site for some more info, and their myspace for some other info.

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