Social Registry: IUD

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 by Chris

i.u.d. is the artsy super-groupish duo of lizzi bougatsos from gang gang dance (remember form monday?) and sadie laska from growing (also on social registry) and extreme violence.

this is by far least accessible of all the noise i'm tossing out this week, but it's one of those things where you're down with it, or you'll never be. it's really grown on me more and more with every listen. i'm more than pleased that this is out there making the world a weirder place to live in, as well as a sexier one what with the semi-naked pictures on the cover and all.

i.u.d.: glo balls (social registry, 2009)

the toppermost pic is from a vice magazine spread with lizzi and sadie recreating some of the "new york girls" shots that made richard kern famous oh so long ago.

old 'n' (not at all) busted:

new hotness:

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