Social Registry: Gang Gang Dance

Monday, August 10, 2009 by Chris

i listen to a ton of music, and it seems that a lot of what's been on heaviest rotation for me has all been stuff from one single label. i don't know what's in the water up in brooklyn, but social registry has this whole weird 'n' awesome music thing down to a T.

since i'm not one to blather on and on and make a post take up a shit-ton of space on the front page, i'm gonna break social registry down to 4 bands that have really caught my attention as of late, gang gang dance (see above image), mike bones, iud, and zs. check back every day for some more on one of the bands.

gang gang dance has made the biggest splash since they're the most accessible, yet don't compromise much at all, and might possibly be a group you've heard of. their latest album saint dymphma is really rad and is some highly recommended hypnotic shit. the cd and lp are stupid cheap direct from the label.

the fuck's it gonna take to get this band here live???

gang gang dance: house jam (social registry, 2008)

there's also a "why isn't this available as 12 inch" xxxchange remix that is one of the best things in the world. seriously up there with a sack of icy pops on a hot summer day.

gang gang dance: house jam (xxxchange remix) (social registry, 2008)

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