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Monday, August 31, 2009 by Chris

so glad i'm done with school for a while (foorrr. evvvv. eerrr.). it was actually getting to the point where i was starting to look forward to this town being overrun with college assholes again, making the coffee lines longer and the streets a touch more douchey.

in other news, did anyone actually watch the weird looking straight-to-dvd donnie darko sequel thing? i sure didn't.

serendipitously for you, dj extraordinaire eli escobar posted up a truly slick blend of the above (over at outside broadcast) with the heaven and hell break.


eli escobar: heavenly break

speaking of seƱor escobar, dude's got a new release out on plant music and it's a gorgeous italo-sounding slow burner. cop it over at turntablelab.

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