over like 10!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009 by Chris

seriously. i don't even know who this lady is. i'll play the game though and post up a pic of someone who apparently is a big shot who made a camera phone fail.

yo. you don't want pics getting out? fuggin don't take em. ever. ever ever. ever ever ever. the world wins in this situation, cause more tatties coming out are always a good thing, but i'm just saying...

also, not to get all old man river on people, but what the fuck's up with how hard it was for me to check out porn when i was in middle school, and now, not only are there 11 yr old kids seeing famous people sans clothing, but they're shooting, editing and posting adorable little youtube videos letting the world know bout it? i was all having to print out bitmapped, shitty looking jpegs of jenny mccarthy on a friend of a friends inkjet printer just to make ends meet back then.
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