old rollercoaster tongue

Thursday, August 6, 2009 by Chris

"the juggalos get caught with the VCRs"

"r. kelly peeing on a sheep dog"

"naked lady with balloons"

"old rollercoaster tongue"

now that we're over the four hundo posts hump, i guess there are a few things that you could see as being recurring themes. juggalos, where r. kelly pees, naked chicks, and bill cosby are all right up there, and they're apparently also big deals for derek erdman who is one of my new favorite artists. seriously. go click around his site and see for yourself. all i'd end up doing is listing off some of the titles of his paintings in an attempt to make my point.
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Dreed said...

I actually know Derek Erdman. He worked at the same cd store with a friend of mine, and I bought a strikingly similar cosby print from him at one of his exhibits. He is a cool dude, as well.

Chris said...

whoa! no shit... i guess the pickles dickles / d. erdman serendipity train keeps a-rolling down the tracks.