he mistake

Friday, August 21, 2009 by Chris

be warned: "he mistake in 7:03 minute"

s'friday afternoon, ladies n gents. the fuck y'all doing on here acting like nerds? get a drink in your hand. and someone's ass in, like, uh, the other hand.

fun fact: while not a guitar-jock, i've seen eric johnson live twice, the first time was in middle school when i passed up seeing the foo fighters (big news back then) at an uptown charlotte music fest.


Derek said...

what's a "he mistake"?

Chris said...

guess i took this little joke a few too many degrees from home.

there's a poorly written comment on the video over at youtube in which a person of possibly not american origin chides our axe-man on missing a note.

right now as i type this the top comment is "one day i do this" by user mvamguitar.