hardcore humpday

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 by Chris

lo! behold! hardcore humpday makes it's highly unrequested return!

via videosift.com

i recommend bypassing the rose-colored-lens look back at american hardcore presented by this recent documentary...

and heading directly to the source with the book that came before it. pretty strange that the same dude who wrote the book is credited as the writer for the doc, and somehow it all got extremely watered down in the translation, in my opinion at least.

as you'd expect, the soundtrack's thoroughly solid.

fear: new york's alright if you like saxophones (slash records, 1982)

it's also worth noting that the dude from the cro-mags has what i hear is an incredible autobiography as well as a remastered first cro-mags album, all available for purchase over at PUNKHOuse. i have my eye on all that, plus the "musicians are just assholes waiting to happen shirt." better not beat me to it.

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