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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 by Chris

Joy Division: Transmission (Factory, 1979)

kinda sums it up in the title. i used to have a version of gary numan's cars as done by a steel drum band and thought that IT was the best steel drum cover song ever, but i am doubting it now. sadly my mp3 has disappeared somehow, and all that remains is the sample frmo the red hook records site.

KJatzenjammers: Cars (Snippet)(Redhook, 2005)

well, onward and upward and in another direction entirely, is the mood aproprate cover of love will tear us apart. this is one of those songs like happy birthday or my umps in that it's covered poorly so often, but in this case the loungyness feels pretty ok to my ears. you could play this for a lady you just met and set a vibe while maintaining some semblance of musical credibility.

Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Factory, 1980)

both of the joy division songs are on the substance comp that rounds up early stuff and non album tracks and should be in your collection resting right after their two and only two albums.

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Nicklaus said...

gotta say, a french pop 80s cover band suits my tastes pretty well. reminds me of a time when a wsum dj was asking me for 80s covers and i listened to all sorts of nouvelle vague. not to mention the fact that they are all=too=obviously homaging one of the film movements that everyone pretty much has to like.