panty dropper

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 by Chris
so this guy art frahm was a painter way back in the day, and not too far off from norman rockwell in so far as style. the main difference i guess is that frahm was something of a freak and would often have the ladies in his paintings being caught unawares by their panties falling down when they had their arms full, usually with brown paper bags of groceries containing a near ubiquitous chunk of celery.

was it really that hard to find well fitting underwear back in the day?

Magnetic Fields: Underwear (Merge Records, 1999)


muffdaddysmooth said...

Tell me you've seen my Art Frahm inspired shot of Aubrey. It's in the team cupcake album on my facebook page

Chris said...

that's what inspired this little aside into the cult of frahm. i would have loved to post the pic but figgred it'd be a slight breach of conduct. it is incredible. i still wanna see those nekkid shots, but dang the awkward prospect of asking aubs to let me see her in the nude dissuades me. maybe i need to grow a set and just ask. maybe later.

spookyelectric1 said...

you can see 'em.

Chris said...

HAHA! < i am the winner! >

muffdaddysmooth said...

I can email them to you if Aubs hasn't already done so.

I don't think I have your email address though