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Thursday, July 30, 2009 by Chris

can you believe that dj danger mouse has been doing his thing for almost a decade now? i was a sophomore in college when the grey album dropped and pretty much fried my brain and induced me to write tons of words about sampling laws, copyright, audio collage, etc.

i've been listening to some of his early pre-grey mixes and they're consistently blowing my mind with how smooth he was with mashing shit up while others were pretty much banging two sings together and hoping it didn't end up sounding like wet shoes in a dryer.

t.r.o.y. (follow these guys if you have ANY love of hip-hop) has a succinct sampling of strictly remixes he was behind, and grilled steeze has the four full discs danger mouse put out between 1999 and 2000 and a white label ep from 2002. i'm still sorting through all of this as i type this and highly recommend these, if even to see some interesting early experimentation from this guy.

here's some proof that he had been mixing it up with the beatles for a little while before jay-z retired, and that he had a little ways to go till he'd perfect the model.

A Day in the Life (DM Mix)

Cream (DM Mix with The Beatles' 'Come Together' Beat)

interestingly: "He also remixed work by several local artists, including Neutral Milk Hotel" which isn't on the mixes above.

Neutral Milk Hotel: The Fool (Pelican City Remix)
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