milwaukee is the destination

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 by Chris
went to milwaukee to see animal collective last night. great show in a great venue with great people. i still can't believe i got a decently priced ticket from someone who wasn't a scalper.

after the show went to a bar that had a can of pbr, a shot of jamison and a single cigarette, all for 5 bucks, which i thought was awesome, followed up by one of the best gyros i've ever had in my life.

i've always thought that the dudes in the band looked like more or less like hackey sack playing frat guys than heralds of the new art music scene. i mean, they're basically becoming a jam band in a lot of respects... but maybe that's just me. way to go getting your technicolor kaos pad set-up on letterman, fellas!

Animal Collective: Summertime Clothes [Live From LA (9/18/2007)]

Animal Colelctive: Brother Sport [Live From LA (9/18/2007)]

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