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Saturday, May 30, 2009 by Chris
leave it to me to listen to the new DOOM album and end up posting a bunch of shit about bukowski as a result.

DOOM, who hasn't had an album out since 2004s MM..Food and who has been accused of passing off fake DOOMs as the real thing at his shows, is back, and his new album is actually pretty good! not as good as i think a lot of the reviews would have you believe, but pretty damn good overall once you get past the fact that a lot of the production is recycled beats.

whenever someone gets around to putting out a documentary about DOOM, i will thoroughly represent it, but until then, here's the trailer for the well-rounded bukowski flick that came out a while back.

ttlab has the best deal right now since they're in the midst of a %20 off everything sale which lasts till monday.

DOOM: Cellz (Lex Records, 2009)

DOOM: Gazzillion Ear (Lex Records, 2009)
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