WFMU marathon day 10 (seven second delay edition)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 by Chris

if the blog was what opened the door, then seven second delay was what invited me to have a seat and make myself comfortable. i immediately fell in love with the curmudgeonly antics of andy breckman and his straight man station manager ken freedman, who has an amazing show of his own (wednesday mornings from 9-12 eastern time) that's worth it alone for the images and gifs he tosses into the insta-playlist.

i'm pretty sure it was the sophie's choice episode where andy admits to annually telling his children which one of them is his favorite, followed directly by the e-less olympics episode where they had a contest to see which caller could have the longest conversation using only words that didn't have the letter e in them, that officially won me over, and i've never looked back.

since then i've listened as they tasered, tattoed, and water boarded their way through the various marathons, to say nothing of the most recent debacle that involved station manager ken getting blackout drunk and interviewing people as famous as tony shaloub.

tonight they'll be participating in the old "peanut butter underwear" routine that i'm sure is going to be the height of hilarity, as well as any number of other surprises.

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