WFMU marathon day 1

Monday, March 1, 2010 by Chris

every year, round this time, i throw this pledge thing up and go on and on about how awesome wfmu is. so far, i have no idea how many of you humble readers have leap-frogged from my hyperbolically enthusiastical rantings, but i trundle onwards in the hopes that some of you might join me in bowing at the freeform radio altar coming at you from the great state of new jersey.

every day of the marathon i'll be throwing out some mp3s from the dj specific premium cds i've amassed in the past four or whatever years.

the html code for their instapledge doo-dad is kinda shitty and i can't get it to look like it does on their site, but it should be pretty trustworthy to the maybe one cheap bastard i wrangle into donating 5 bucks to the station.

edit: nevermind, they totally came through on fixing the insta-pledge embed code.

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