little nemo in slumberland

Thursday, January 28, 2010 by Chris

the 1992 little nemo animated feature is excellent if a little dated, and it just came back into print on dvd after a looooong hiatus. it's cheap as hell too, over at amazon.

also, you check out the original little nemo stuff, cause it's fucking amazing. all of the strips have been digitally archived over at the comic strip library.


the Editor said...

Chris, how do we keep having these twin moments, despite you being at the tippy top of the country?

I went on a kick a bit back and bought "Thumbelina," "Secret of NIMH," "All Dogs Go to Heaven," "An American Tail," and, of course, "Little Nemo." There's a bigass post about "Secret of NIMH" over on me blog that is long and rambly! Point being, animated films were so good back then.

Chris said...

the serendipity is delicious.

animated films were awesome when we were kids. absolutely. now kids are all grow'd up having watched the jackie chan adventure hour, as drawn by half a dozen korean college students with manacles locking em to the drawing boards...