hey, kids! CARTOOONS!

Saturday, January 23, 2010 by Chris

i know that all these got posted over at boing boing last saturday, but i only found them after posting the daffy duck heil hitler thing last saturday and thinking that we needed a weekly set of cartoons to brighten our readers saturday mornings.

this saturday mornings cartoons are brought to you by asifa-hollywood, the los angeles chapter of the international animated film society, who i referenced a while back as having a massive collection of magnanimous cartoon mammaries. it looks like someone got the bright idea and started posting some of their stuff to youtube.

those guys out in hollywood are doing gods work as far as i can see, highlighting and digitally archiving some of my favorite cartoonists as well as dozens of others i have yet to discover. spend some time over in their archive and you're guaranteed to find nothing but remarkable work by truly talented cartoonists.

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