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Saturday, December 26, 2009 by Chris

from the write up: "Secondhand Sureshots is the latest project from the Dublab collective, in which they got four producers (J.Rocc, Daedelus, Ras G and Nobody) to produce beats from records found in thrift stores around the Los Angeles area. Now, they've released the results ... expand review of their beat experiment in this insanely deluxe package that includes a 12" pic disc of the release, two custom slipmats featuring artwork for the project and a DVD that features interviews with the producers and documents the conception and execution of the project. All of that is packaged in a custom, hand screen printed sleeve (by LA's Hit+Run crew) that's been "rescued" from an LA area thriftstore (the one I'm reviewing used to be a Dan Fogelberg record!). It's not just flashy packaging though, the songs all knock and are filled with those weird little musical nuggets that can only come from a dollar bin find."

apparently there are only 500 being made, and i will hopefully get my hands on one. hopefully.

this sounds like such an incredible idea followed through with immaculate execution. one of a kind screen printed lp covers, colored vinyl, slipmats, a documentary of the making-of process... all limited to 500 copies? like the edan thing i've been crowig about for the past couple of months, this is getting distribution from stones throw, but they're all out of em, so hit up ttlab if you're feeling flush with some mom n dad cash in the wake of the holidays.

the stones throw podcast is always amazing and was the original location of this nice long megamix from j.rocc made up of a bunch of dollar bin finds. you'd be silly not to check out the great minimal wave and cult music podcasts that sandwich the secondhand sureshots one.

J.Rocc: Secondhand Sureshots Podcast

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