Expensive Sex

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 by Zita

I love the fact that sex can be as expensive as you want... And that spending a nice wad of cash on it, is part of the enjoyment... for many Americans I'm sure... And I'm not just talking about ordering up some over-priced working girls, or buying your wife new boobs, but just the whole production... it just reminds me of high fashion.... as if there is a reason why that McQueen jacket that I love so hard has to be more than a car. And so naturally, we have designer sex toys.. which is just.. i mean, don't get me wrong, the technophile inside me is thrilled to have a sexy union with my design-consciousness.. but come on, guys... absurd... on that note, check out this fabulous Holiday gift idea by Jimmy Jane vibe called Form 6
And his sister, the Form 2, though what she lacks in popularity, she makes up for in a more lady-friendly and adorable design.

But I mean these are no MCQueens of sex toys, and you would see that if you have clicked teh linkzorz by now... i guess all I'm saying is that this holiday season, when you are buying sexy presents for your cousin, remember that it's much nicer to get a gadget that comes in sleek white or glass box... rather than one with some scary fake-titted bitch like this printed all over...

srsly, no lady is gonna wanna jump into bed and give this on a whirl after being confronted by boob-job Jennifer Aniston on the verge of tears... just.. not... ew..

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