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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 by Chris

there are some things that exist in the world that just knowing they exist makes the world a better place. wfmu, "Where Downtown Art Skronk and Appalachian Meat Murder Ballads Acquire Brill Building Panache," is one such thing.

other than (maybe) three other people in my circle of friends, i have yet to meet anyone else who's totally down with this radio station as much as i am, so i'm not gonna put a hard sell on anyone other than to say that for the next 24 hours (starting tonight at 7pm) they're looking for donations to help fund some crazy big expansion stuff they've had in the works for a while.

please please please swing over to their site and roll through the archives etc for the avant-nerdy goodness. i got hooked through the incredible blog they run and the stunt-radio of seven second delay, and just kept going from there. toes will be curled and hair will be blown back by the sheer tonnage of awesome they're able to churn out.

***also, nobody beats these guys by way of insanely cool marathon premiums. hit up tom scharplings the best show for a shirt drawn special by the one and only michael kupperman of snake n bacon and tales to thrizzle fame.

downtown soulville with mr. fine wine, marty mcsorley, sound and safe with trent, nickle and dime radio with $mall ¢hange... check it out and get back to me.

how can you see a radio station with a show titled "inflatable squirrel carcass" and not think to yourself "i need to support this."
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