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Wednesday, November 18, 2009 by Chris

so, we're sitting here in our apartment and we realized we need some picklesdickles merch. that's the whole point of having a blog, right? so you can make weird crap emblazoned with the weird name of the weird place where like 8 people see your weird crap.

we have a few ideas we're kicking around, but we're setting up a design competition. like most things pertaining to this site, this whole thing is not only half-assed, but also (also) half-cocked. i would love to offer something extravagant as a prize, but as it stands, i think what we decide to be the best, and the worst, will be made into shirts/mugs/thongs/whatever other crap we end up making. also, we will buy you a hotdog. and a doughnut.

you following this? if you want us to make your design into something tangible, either make us cry tears of joy over your fine drawings/photoshoppery/photographyery, or send us an entry that makes us absolutely regret dreaming this contest up.

we finally set up our very own email address to field something like this, so send all of your entries (jpegs/tiffs/psds/whatevers) to:

picklesdickles [at] geeeeeeeeemail [dot] commmmmmmmmmmmmmm

once we have enough to actually make an interesting horse race, we'll get this thing going.

EDIT: the above shirt is stupid and not associated with this site in any way. ours will be a hundred billion times better.

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