high as a georgia pine

Monday, November 16, 2009 by Chris

the story of dock ellis is one of the greatest in baseball as far as i'm concerned. throwing a no-hitter = way to go! throwing a no-hitter while tripping your face off = HOLY SHIT!!

the dudes over at no mas who put this on have always been pretty interesting to this non-sports fan. their design work really hits on the narratives underlying the sports history they highlight. of course, the shirt i'm jonesing for is the bobby fischer one, cause i'm a HUGE nerd. also, i'm way too poor to drop a hundo on the ali bathrobe.

and big ups to james blagdon who rocked the art for the above video. i found out about dide through a cool story about the history of recreational drugs and sports that he illustrated for frank 151 a ways back.
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