Monday, October 12, 2009 by Chris

one of my favorite dudes is kozyndan. the whole "japan's sooo weird, but at the same time sooo cute" vibe is all over his work, but it's seems to really transcend any easily pigeonholeable categories.

i've ridden pretty hard for the guy since way back when he was reimagining every cool woodblock print ever with except with bunnies. now i stumble onto his flickr and hit paydirt.

the real cool little bit was this HUGE spirit animal collective thing he's been working on for a while.

from the kozyndan site: "little did we know that cameras, at least in early incarnations before the invention of modern film, did in fact capture a piece of one's soul with each picture. Hhre is a class photo where all the students spirit animals have emerged to pose with their 'bodies.'"

these pictures are small as fuck, but check the details for the real deal.

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