Double Ew

Monday, September 14, 2009 by Zita
Okay so what the fuck is wrong with people and their weirdo blanket w/ sleeves/hoods products?

THIS one.. is for TWWWOOO people! ooOOoOOHh!! Perfect for when you want to snuggle with your boyfriend on the couch, without actually touching each other.

AANND it looks like a big slice of bacon!!

friggen sick.

But then, they have another product... which actually looks kinda bad ass.. I mean as badass as a dude in a blanket can look...

that weird army of blanket dudes are lookin like they'd make a pretty cool animated series... if ya ask me
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Elena said...

i see checker board penguins

Chris said...

that first one would be pretty cool if it was set up to look like a hot dog. mmmmmustard.

Evil Suspender said...

Did you notice that they are $399? I'll stick with the Slanket or Snuggie! Even if my life dream is to be a checkered seal person, $400 seems too steep.