paradigmatic reversal of definitive use

Thursday, August 20, 2009 by Chris

HA! 21 gun salute has a nice little gobbledy gaggle about the utterly infuriating use of some lenny cohen song or other in watchmen. worth a read if you're into entertainment weekly editorials that you wish had fewer words and more cusses.

try and watch this little video and not think about ackerman's lack of talent.


c said...

but chris...she's good looking

Chris said...

man i'm actually gonna straight up call her mediocre as far as a capable, attractive, semi-known actresses go. dude was trying to cast the flick with partially obscure people who were good for the role, and in her case we're talking about an actress who looks good and is able to not look retarded sharing the screen with a heavyweight like patrick wilson. attractive women abound in this world of ours, and homegirl was poorl cast from the get-go.

biggest flicks she'd been in before watchmen: harold/kumar, and brothers solomon. s'all i'm sayin.