nerdier than they appear

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 by Chris

i love the idea that a random assortment of jacket-less records can act as some sort of aphrodisiac for the fairer sex. pretty sure it's the fact that the dude is a good looking fellow with a winning smile and a very expensive car. also his taste in herb alpert albums is unparalleled. "oooh! oooh! i just get all sorts of dewey for a man with records that happen to have a blue label!" "gosh i know! and he has no concept of maintaining the condition of the records either... which gets my nipples all a-twizzled!"

it says it in the lower part of the image, but here's a link to the all the same.
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c said...

Is that tim allen?

Chris said...

maybe. dude used to sling coke, right? that'd explain why the chicks are down with him so hardcore. women flock to that stuff.

Chris said...

i just noticed that the top picture is actually of different people. pretty crazy that two different photographers thought that handsome men who drive fancy cars and have no idea how to care for records would make ladies panties so moistened.