that's no lunar module! it's a 70s soul band!

Thursday, August 27, 2009 by Chris

i picked this up based primarily on the truly superb cover. look closely and instead of the lunar module that supposedly landed on the moon a handful of decades ago, the band is right in there in black and white repping some sweet outfits.

once you get past that though, the story behind the record ends up being really great. turns out this band was hot stuff back in the day opening for lots of big name acts and having a long running residency that was always packed to the gills. they never really got around to recording much though, and the production masters for the album that they finally put to tape were allegedly lost to a fire. fifteen years after that, one of the main dudes in the band tracks down the other guys widow in new orleans and discovers the production master and takes it with him mere days before katrina would have destroyed the whole she-bang.

get some more info and piuck it up over at the hollygrove records spot.

i've had neither the time nor the actual interest required to rip my vinyl copy to mp3s, but check over at ttlab for some choice little snippets, or check out in dangerous rhythm for a longer set of clips. vinyl does not lend itself easily to this digital age.

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