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Tuesday, August 4, 2009 by Chris

cancel your thursday plans. the Deerhunter/Dan Deacon/No Age Round Robin tour makes a stop here in madison at the terrace this week. it should be kinda incredible.

i've seen dan deacon three times now, and each time i say to myself that it was so great but that i really don't think i'll go see him again cause the performance experience was so unique that i don't think i'll wanna go again. first time was in a small little gallery in greensboro, north carolina. hard to top seeing dude with like 60 other people. then i ended up in atlanta, georgia to see the whole ultimate reality thing live, which was truly incredible. next time, i was pretty sure that i was gonna pass until i heard he was touring with a huge band that was designed to explode minds. finally, the round robin concept is getting me pretty excited. whatever the round robin thing is, it should be ironed out by the time they get to the terrace for this the next-to-last show of the tour.

deerhunter: never stops (kranky, 2008)

off of last year's microcastle.

dan deacon: surprise stefani (carpark, 2009)

off of bromst, which is the shit. for real.

no age: loosen this job (fat cat, 2007)

from the weirdo rippers comp from 2007 that collected a handful of 12s they had put out before getting a shit-ton of press.


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