alyssa monks and four awesome words

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 by Chris

women. shower. wet. naked. these are all words that are undeniably awesome. thanks to alyssa monks and her photorealistic paintings of hot naked wet ladies in the shower, we are all better people on the whole.

a friend of mine walked by and was all "you're getting all your content off digg now?" and actually, i found this two degree removed from a search for "awesome start wars pictures."

just keeping it real.


Anonymous said...

We loved our zine! My favorites are the very first and the very last pictures. Nice bookended with the teddy bears.

Anonymous said...

Also, you should make it so people can comment with the name/url option.

Chris said...

what's the name/url option? i poked around in the settings gobbledy gook and couldn't find what you're talking bout.

Chris said...

also: super-glad you dug the zine!