i want you back, or, chris takes a very long time to say very little...

Sunday, March 1, 2009 by Chris
this whole thing started a week and a half ago when klaus and i decided to get drunk and sing karaoke. i was coming off of a weirdness-high from seeing david linton do his video image thing, and ran into klaus and a grip of his friends as they were heading to brothers, which would be one of the absolute shittiest bars in madison if it wasn't for their rediculous drink specials. brothers is like the equivalent of that socially awkward kid that no one liked, but everyone hung out with cause he always somehow had the coolest stuff to show off, and his mom offered pizza rolls and bagel bited when people came over or whatever. brothers is that kid. anyway, everyone is going over there to drink $2 miller pitchers or whatever, and i tag along cause these are some new people, and you never know with new people! drinks, game of pool, chatter...

eventually, everyone is good to go and do the karaoke thing down the block, which is cool with me. klaus and i end up singing i want you back by the jackson 5, and something else that i forget. we also had a really cool talk with the bouncer dude that i don't remember either, but talks with bouncers where everyone is laughing have to be good, right? laughing with bouncers almost always falls into the "good" category.

flash forward a couple days to the following saturday. people are coming over for a dance party and i play klaus this version of the jackson five's "i want you back" covered by Japan's Finger 5 which had i impulse purchased a year or so ago from the internet and probably overpaid for it (8 or 9 bucks for weird bootleg soul reissues, while significantly cheaper than tracking down the OG copy, is still not something i can do all the time), but like i said, it is soooo good, and the flipside is "drummer man" by the kids from the brady bunch!

remember kids: brady bunch breaks kill! every! time!

"i want you back" by Finger 5.

like the words say on the right, i'm gonna link you as close to the people who made the music as i am able, but in this case, it's not even looking like i can get you to the company who did the illegitimate 7" that i bought. sorry!
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