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Tuesday, March 3, 2009 by Chris
tiny mixtapes (as well as many other music blogs) informs me that ENO (left) is involved with some sort of twitter fight with some record label dude (right)...

personally, two grown men having heated words across a communicative medium called "twitter" rates pretty low as far as i can see, but the thing that dragged this news item (kicking and screaming no doubt) over here into our infantile place-of-blogging is the fact that in the picture from the TMT site, ENO is wearing a Home Alone 3 hat.

ENO is so ahead of the curve that he can't even be bothered to represent the Culkin Home Alone flicks. this doesn't look like it's a picture that someone snapped on the street while ENO was stepping out for some bread/eggs/milk at the corner store. it looks like dude is at a fancy gallery sot of thing or some other sort of artsy fartsy thing. you might have a nigh unimpeachable back catalog of music, ENO, but i disapprove of this moment in your life.

in honor of ENO's favorite movie of all time, i will produce quotes from Home Alone 3, completely removed from their context:

"Hey, Alex, could you pass me the false alarms? I mean, the peas."
"Tomorrow, whack every kid in the neighborhood. Burn them all!"
"You're not gonna find me up there ya big dumb law breaking knuckle-heads"
"Well, if you changed your shorts once in a while, maybe you wouldn't have rats in your pants."
"Well what do you want a wilkie button?"
"Books. Plural a trunk, full of books. Then a set of weights. We got hit twice, you dumb broad!"
"There's a senior citizen across the street who needs some soup and a doctor to look at her feet. There's two in our pool and one in our basement. The other one's gone."
"Excuse me, but I saw a man in Karen Stephen's bedroom, a little older than Dad, and he was wearing butt inspection gloves."

also: what's with the rich-baby-cum-russel simmons-ish primary colors?

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