Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Friday, February 27, 2009 by Chris
where is my watchmen button? seriously. i'm really hoping that the theater people have a huge sack of these smiley face buttons (with the dollop of human bean juice) when i get to the door of the midnight showing next week.

the watchmen merchandising machine so far is looking pretty nice, with the wooden doomsday clock and the rorschach mask/grappling gun or the comedian's framed guns and dog tags set (both a bit pricey for my currently cash-strapped pockets). but, even though there is a pin set available, there is not a smiley face pin to be had!

what gives, guys?

semi-related note: does anyone else remember back in 2000 when dc direct (always on point with the correctness!) was going to release a set of action figures based on dave gibbons art? toyfare had pictures and i'm pretty sure i physically drooled onto the page.

thanks to alan moore vs. dc kerfuffle no. 4080, the set got scuttlked at the prototype stage.

overall, i want toys and merchandise that's related to the comic, not the movie. i'm down with the movie, most definitely, but the comic is what i love, and want more than almost anything to be able to show appreciation for. y'heard?

holler in the comments or some sich nonsense if you got something to say.
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